About Us

Raab studios believes in the development of character through excellence in music.

Alexander Raab, founder, has created a pedagogy that focuses on 4 core values to help organize practice. Raab studios uses these keywords to set an example of a self-sustaining culture. These values are awareness, discipline, passion and beauty.

Awareness is the first habit fostered among our students and teachers. Through honest questioning of ourselves and our efforts, we discover recurring strengths and weaknesses. Then we are able to create goals and plans that help direct us toward what we truly desire.

To stay on course in our attempt to achieve our larger goals and plans, we then learn the meaning of true discipline. Discipline means maintaining a steady heart of courage through the various challenges facing us daily.

Fired by the drive of discipline and the vision of pursuing a goal, we can find our true passion. This sort of passion is not the fleeting interest we throw at the passing curiousities of life but is a deliberate decision that grows through discipline and overflows into all the other facets of our lives.

Finally we find Beauty. In the dirt, the sweat and the tears, we find all the faces of beauty. Within and through the luminous colors and bittersweet tone of our music we recognize all the shapes and forms of beauty and face our lives and our loved ones with another perception of reality. We are born anew.

While excelling in violin from an early age, Alexander Raab never put violin before the important values of living a good and healthy life. And this is exactly why his students improve in both violin and in other areas of their lives within a few months -- if not weeks -- after beginning to study with him. As a family of musicians, we push and challenge each other to become examples of balanced technique, creative expression, and compassionate character.